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We are the Best Media and technology company in Nigeria recipient of the Nigerian  We specialize in world class website design and ‚Äč Media shoots, documentary, creative presentations, and programmers who know how to get results.

Kevin  David Kaydee


Our Unique And  
Creative Services

At Timeline Entertainment, we are a complete crew that has all you need in the media and tech world, our blogs and portfolio has gone to many nations of the world. We are driven by a group of IT experts who has an excellence track records. 

Kevin David Kaydee

TImeline services

Media Production

We are innovative and creative  in video shot and musical  production, we cover all kinds of events. 

Online TV

We create quality contents and give you the latest programs across the globe on our  channel. 

Technology And Logistics

We have a creative team in web design and graphics  who understands how to produce the result of your taste.  

Creative Ideas

Timeline Entertainment is also a specialist in voice over and vocal training. indeed, we are a complete crew. 

Our   Studio

Our studio is condusive and homely for all kinds of recordings, we have standard and up to date equipements for artists and voice over professionals, we have different sections for all recordings inclding movie sound track.

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Tech services

We are specialist in animations, graphics designs, websites development,and consultancy. Call us and lets help you re brand your ideas.

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What Makes us Unique 

Creativity, speed, integrity, excellence, innovative ideas and trusted services

Timeline  TV 

Our tv programs are entertaining , captivating and covers all field of live. We are an entertainment entity that shows all kinds of programs for all age. We give you the latest documentary, films, music videos, and live show  all on Timeline Entertainment. Timeline is No 1 TV sttion across the globe.

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